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How to Take Notes on an iPad

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

As a professional notetaker, I'm excited to share my top 10 tools and techniques for taking notes on an iPad. If you're looking to make your iPad notes more organized, memorable, and visual, check out the video below!

One of my favorite tools for my iPad is Paperlike- a screen protector for your iPad that makes it feel like you're writing on paper!

Use this link to grab a copy for yourself:

If you're reading this post within 2 weeks of it being released, use this code to get a discount on your Paperlike order: illumistories10

Fill out your name and email below to get a FREE download of the notes from this video (don't worry I'm not going to be overwhelming your inbox with emails)

Here are links to the other tools I review in the video:

iPad Pro 12.9in:

Zugu Case 12.9in iPad Pro:

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1 Comment

Alalia Lundy
Alalia Lundy
May 30, 2020

Is the download still available? I have not received it yet.

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