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My Essential Neuland Grab & Go Set

I'm so excited to tell you about this collaboration with Neuland! If you haven't heard of Neuland, they are a profession supplies company for creative minds. Think markers, stickies of all shapes and sizes, workshop furniture, icon cards, and much more.

Whenever I teach a workshop, I always get this question, "What are your must-have supplies whenever you're graphically capturing a meeting?". After answering this question countless times, I present to you my "Grab & Go Set" featuring the supplies I keep stocked in my visual facilitation bag at all times. When I'm on the go, I bring this set of markers and pastels because they look great on the page together, and they include a range of line varieties for when I need to write big or small. Let's take a look at what's included shall we...!

  • MARKERS: I don't know what it is, but this combination of colors looks so good together...I use the Outliner and Light Blue (302) for all my text, the BigOne Brilliant Yellow (500) and Turquoise (301) for all my titles and sub-headers, and the Pastel Blue (303) for any shading. 1x Neuland TwinOne® Outliner, chisel- and brush nib 1x Neuland TwinOne®, chisel- and brush nib, 303 pastel blue 1x Neuland No.One®, wedge nib 2-6 mm, 302 light blue 1x Neuland BigOne®, wedge nib 6-12 mm, 301 turquoise 1x Neuland BigOne®, wedge nib 6-12 mm, 500 brillant yellow

  • PASTELS: to make things pop out on your page, try adding pastels. They provide an airbrushed pop of color without taking away from your text. I often do a halo effect on my charts with the orange PanPastel. 1x PanPastel®, 2805 orange 1x Sofft® Sponge – large oval shape

  • JOURNAL & PENS: a good journal and set of pens is a essential for any visual thinker. This 4-2 Sketch journal gives you 4 different kinds of paper to write on...4 kinds!! I don't know about you, but I'm a major paper geek so having this kind of variation in my journal is a game changer. My journal is where I get to play and practice and this is by far one of my favorite journals to work in. 1x SketchOne Set 0.1 - 0.7mm, black 1x 4-2-sketch

This is what the colors all look like on a page together:

I hope this set takes away the stress of choosing the right markers and supplies for kicking off your visual practice. With these supplies you'll be set up for success!

If you live in the U.S, here is the link to purchase the kit: If you live outside of the U.S, you can buy your kit by entering the item number 9100.0098 directly in your shopping cart on the Neuland website. The item number only works if you enter the it directly in the shopping cart, not on the main page.

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