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New Video Blog :: Writing on the Wall

For some time now I’ve been wanting to document my journey as a visual practitioner. There are so many good resources, tips, and practices out there to share with all of you!

And so the idea of starting a blog came together. As I thought more about it, I realized that creating a text centric blog does not accurately reflect this highly visual medium. A video blog seemed more fitting for the occasion. I’m so excited to announce the Writing on the Wall video blog! It’s real! It’s happening!!

I’m dedicated to creating content on the things I’ve found to be most critical in my journey and also receiving suggestions from you on what you’re interested in learning. I’m hoping to create at least one new video/month (more of my schedule allows).

I’d love to hear from you with suggestions about topics you’re interested in around being a visual practitioner! Thanks for your support as this new series grows 💛

You can access all the videos on my Youtube channel @illumistories. Here is the kick off video for the series:

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